Why Photographers Love to go to St. Louis Tap Festival

St. Louis tap festival is an annual event, which popularizes American dancing style –tap dance. It attracts participants from all walks of life. Photographers have a variety of snapshots to take since there are many activities within the event venue. Their various stakeholders in this festival, all these would want to have a reference image through the photograph albums. It attracts photographers of a different kind, some of the spectacular areas of interest for photographers include

Fashion photography

Different people make a date with the St. Louis tap festival. Fashion experts have a chance to come and view what the American culture has to offer on fashion. The fashion photographs capture different props for the dancers, adjudicators, and fans. They use the photographs to tailor them to suit their own objectives. The photographs widen their creativity levels to compete with local and international markets on fashion.

Food photography

Restaurants also have an opportunity to display their menu innovations at the festival. Remember, as much as it portrays the American dance culture it also attracts visitors from the global arena. They have to meet their food standards and international cuisines. At one point, they may have a special order and forced to make a meal, not in their menu plan. How will you have a memory of this special meal? A photograph of the meal is the best method in this festival. They can also capture what competition have to offer; this helps them improve and add value to their services. Because of different cultures represented, there is bound to be diverse dining styles. Restaurants, which offer international cuisine learn on cuisine skills and customize then to suit their market.

Dance photography

This is the main focus of the festival. Photographers want to capture different styles and moves using Canon T5i. The purpose of this is varied depending on the goal of the photographer. It could be an instructor who wants to add more dancing styles to his team or a choreographer who needs more skills to add value to what he already has.

Events photography

Event organizers are also here to display their skills in this festival. Other stakeholders in the business also come to see what competition has to offer. They capture display styles, color combinations, arena arrangement among other events activities.

Sport photography

Ping Pong has of late been associated with Tap festival. The vigorous exercises associated with the festival catches the attention of sports lovers. Sports photographers have a lot to get and learn, you cannot master all these moves, you either take a video or a photograph that has the high-resolution to help you learn then and incorporate them in your sport physical fitness activities.

Participants and fans take photos of any unique dance moves and activities of interest. The large crowd the festival attracts is a great challenge for photographers because of much interference. However, photographers have the skills and powerful cameras to capture the spectacular events and it offers a great for outdoor photography. Both novices and professional photographers have a lot to learn at the event.





St Louis Tap Festival preparation of the stage

Professor Reed founded St Louis tap festival in 1992. It lasts one week and educates, celebrates, promotes the American art form of tap dance. Famously known as acrobatic tap or master of flash, the festival is the only event in the region that has preserved the great legacy of tap dance. It brings the tap dancers and veterans of tap dance at St Louis to showcase their talents in the dance. Professor Reed, the founder, was part of the Robert L. Reed Heritage Institute that is a nonprofit making organization.

The Festival hosts artists, from Broadway and television, tap stars of movies, rising stars, old masters, and many tap dance styles from hardcore hip-hop and jazz.

People of different ages, genders and races are brought together to appreciate and share the joy that comes with a tap dance. The theme and mission of St Louis tap festival are to make other people develop interest and appreciation of the dance. It achieves this through panel discussions, workshops, lectures, performances, supporting up, and coming tap companies around the world.


The first step is learning how to dance. If you want to set the stage on fire, you will have to find a tap dance teacher. There are very many tap dance teachers around but how will you find the right one. One thing you should consider in the teacher is their energy and enthusiasm. Tap dance teachers are enthusiastic, fun, and energetic. Look for a tap class with an uplifting teacher. When you find such a teacher, you will enjoy every moment of your classes, and you will emerge as a great tap dancer.

You should also find a tap school with other pupils. The fact that tap dance attracts almost everyone from the young, old, fit, unfit, women, men, small and big makes it possible for you to find a school with pupils. Together with other pupils, you will be able to learn quickly and even develop tap moves.

Get registered for the stage performance

Attendees are given a chance to showcase their skills on stage, street corner and at the hoofers club. Before the festival, you can visit their website and register. There are also instructions that you will have to learn maybe through the panel of faculty or from the site. The stage is open to anyone to showcase his or her passion for tap dance.

Get your attires

Every top tap dancer has to have tap shoes to become good at it. This is because tap dancing is all about the toe-tapping world.

Finally, you should learn how to make some noise.  Tap dance is all about making noise. It makes you feel like a complete dancer and gives you psyche while on the stage. You can clap and cheer at your audience while dancing. Preparation is also a critical thing to do. It helps you gain confidence and master moves before the festival begins.

Preparation of the Stage

Stage is usually made out of wood. Tap dancing is much better if you hear the taps of the feet dancing on the wood. This stage has been made using equipment like Table Saw, Wood Lathe, and Floor Drill press. If you are not familiar with, see lathe comparison and learn what is the different between floor vs benchtop drill presses.