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August 31, 2015, 06:52


cialis no prescription needed What's with all the comments saying he has to have a black girl in his video what just because he's black he only has to have black woman Hun is music videos, that's hella stupid honestly look I love black woman and I got love for everyone but that fact you guys are pinning all these black artist to only have their own race in a music video is weird and you guys go straight to saying he doesn't like black woman because he doesn't have clack woman in his video, I always see this shit and in not saying black woman don't deserve to be shown off but you don't need to be making a big ass deal over a music video like seriously that's childish as fuck.

    he is insulting women's bodies I don't like jb but I like his songs Selena did right break up with him why he don't GI out with miley stupes BTW I'm 11 +Psycho Dad this is priceless hahaha "Where you apples at dog when I was drinking contacts..." :/ This shit is so fucking stupid. I hate trends and all the ignorant fucking sheep that follow every new one. I love this track cialis no prescription needed Damn the females bang'n harder then the dudes! please, shut up faggot and expand your vocabularly. Good instrumental, though. But this song is just for the clubs only. club music...smh.  song nigga cialis no prescription needed I mean but he did sample it so ion kno what part of he literally took lyrics from her song that you don't understand. !

    I wonder how much he paid for these views Does this movie tie in to Harry Potter, like being in the same universe or is it a completely different movie but with the same 'magic'? +Can u not suck your dad don cialis no prescription needed nobody knows who you are tho The shit that passes as music these days is disgraceful. Music died when Michael Jackson died. This shit is garbage. I looked that up cialis no prescription needed 1. The infamous face switch which creates instant shock and confusion cialis no prescription needed That ain't Selena Gomez...why the fuck you lying!?!?!? lmfaoooo Laggy ass iPhone at LMAO free viagra Is this what they meant by a Harry Potter sequel? If so, I'm really disappointing. I was hoping for a movie to do with the adventures of Harry's father and Lupin during their time in Hogwarts, or a movie about Dumbledore vs Grindelwald or something!

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