Why ping pong players’ wants to join the tap festival

The popular American tap dance is becoming famous among table tennis players. The diplomatic relations between China and America was the origin of the interest in tap dance. When an American tennis player in 1971, was invited to Beijing China to witness the ping pong prominent in china. A return trip prompted the Chinese to have a joint festival to display different talents. Part of the performance the guest band became creative, brought a real tennis table on the podium, and played the music as they played. It turned out to be an amazing performance in as much as the players were not international players.
After this performance, international players were called to have a real performance with the players while the tap dance was going on it turned out to be amazing. Andy Akiho, an American composer noted the exemplary performance which incorporated unique musical concepts with relevant rhythm ideal for the intensive indoor sport.
After the performance between the musicians and the players, most table tennis players adopted tap dance during their training sessions. It achieved double results; one was the entertainment and enjoyment while practicing. Secondly, the vigorous dance exercise improved the energy levels, which translates to more stamina ideal in playing a game with success.

Team spirit

Once the players realized the love for tap dancing and learned of the annual festival. There has been a great interest in joining the festival. This is to help maintain the team spirit between the American and the Chinese who are popular for ping pong.
Giving back to the community
The players later learned the mission of the founder and the heritage institute established. They wanted to be part of the course to help the underprivileged through participation in the festival.


Tap festival has many festivities. During their free time, the ping pong players would love to have fun and mingle with the rest of the world in gracing the annual celebrations. The fun in the festival energizes them for their daily activities.
Replicate the dance in their native countries
Tap dance is becoming famous in the rest of the world. Players as celebrities love to attend the festival to help develop similar events in their own country to popularize the dance. This is a result of culture and diversity promotion. Entrepreneurs are using the same platform to make a kill in business as a result of human traffic in the event. The players are also creating a global presence in meeting at the festival with their fans to appreciate them.
Tap dance and ping pong complement each other. The sport is vigorous with plenty of body movements just like the dance for tap-dancing and smashing of a ball through great racket over a table for pingpong(table comparison). The players accommodated the dance freely since it had a good cause since its inception. Celebrities love to associate themselves with success, the tap festival has been a success over the last 25 years. Nobody including the prominent table tennis players might want to be associated with it.


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