Things to remember when using a public Restroom in A Festival Event


The fact that a public bathroom is free for all, it poses a threat to human health. It compromises hygiene levels, at the same time, there could be an accumulation of bacteria as a result. At times, it is not easy to avoid using the bathroom since releasing oneself is part of human body functions. However, some of the bacteria might not survive in the restroom but the most environment favors their prolonged growth. The chance of having contact with the bacteria is very high, although correct restroom etiquette will save you.

A festival event attracts different calibers of people, for the safe and healthy use of the public restroom follows the following rules. Public toilets in a festival love to saving money on low flush toilets unlike getting the best toto toilet for your home.
Remember the bathroom walls is the best habitat for bacteria due to fewer disturbances. At times, the room is very small and people use the wall for support. This acts as a home for bacteria. The hands are the easiest bacteria transmitters. They are harmful when in contact with the blood stream. If you do not wash your hands, it is easy to touch your face with the hands.Avoid touching the bathroom walls

Use the first restroom

The restroom is a private room. Psychologists have proved most people tend to use the farthest stall as compared to the first one. Most of the times, the first one is a bit clean with fewer bacteria because of low human traffic.

Avoid contact with the floor

Carrying your handbag is a norm in the festival events; the floor is also a great habitat for bacteria. While helping yourself do not put your handbags or properties on the floor, they carry the bacteria, you will use your hand to carry the belongings which further transmits them to the mouth; that is the beginning of infection.

Wash your hands after using the restroom

Washing hands after using the restroom should be a habit more than etiquette. This helps remove bacteria that you might have unconsciously grasped in the process of using the restroom. Ensure you wash the entire using hand wash if it is available; it helps disinfect your hands. A hand sanitizer will also be of help in case you forgot to wash your hands. Keep them clean.  Some festival restrooms have a hand drier; the high temperature cannot allow the bacteria to thrive.

Limit contact with the restroom surfaces

At all cost avoid being in contact with the bathroom surfaces, they harbor bacteria. Some of the bacteria are harmful and can cause serious illnesses, which pose a threat to human health. Some are communicable like flu and their existence might affect the entire family just because of your carelessness in using the public restrooms. Always practice sanitation etiquette even at home for it to be a habit. With that in mind, using it in public restroom will not be a serious challenge. If the festival will take few hours; release your bladder at home, where you are sure of hygiene to avoid visiting the restrooms.

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