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Tap Dancers Love Pellet Smoked Meat

cfba952da966bcb76d2923fb0cc6252bDancing is one of the purest forms of self-expression. Dance as a form of art has developed throughout the world in different ways. People from around the world express their happiness through dancing in various styles. The great thing about dance is that it has a lot of variety. There are several ways that one can express themselves and show off their skills through the medium of dance. Though it isn’t the most popular form of dancing, tap dancing is one of the hardest forms of dance to learn. Tap dancing requires lots of skill and finesse. To be a good tap dancer requires several hours of active practice every day. While learning to become a great dancer many amateurs reach a point where they begin to question if all the effort they’re investing into tap dancing is worth it in the end. It may not be immediately clear to you, but tap dancing is worth every bit of effort that you put into it. Tap dancers who persevere to the end are rewarded with fame and recognition.

As with many physically based disciplines such as sports and other dance forms, tap dancing, too, requires a lot of energy to perform. Dancers need energy for practice sessions and live performances. Also, all the practice takes its toll on the body and causes physical fatigue. It’s clear that to get energy and fight fatigue one needs good, high-quality nutrition. However, which type of food is best suited to deliver these needs? The answer of smoked meats should surprise no one.

Though all grilled foods are great, smoked meats are unique. They’re full of nutrients and loaded with proteins. Proteins, as you may already know, are the fundamental building blocks of the human body. Proteins repair the muscles damaged by working out extensively and tap dancing practice sessions.

There are many ways of preparing smoked meats. You have a lot of options and methods to choose from making smoked meat. From which type of grill to use to the meat of which animal you want to eat, the choice is completely up to you. In terms of grills, the most cost effective option is to grill meats on wood pellet smokers. Wood pellet smokers, like many other smokers, rely on burning wood to produce the heat and flame required to grill meat. Where they differ is that they use wood pellets instead of fuelwood or charcoal. These pellets are derived from sawdust, which is a by-product of many woodworking industries. Wood pellet smokers recycle wood to cook tasty food. Since tap dancers regularly require smoked meats as part of their diet to fuel their lengthy and grueling practice and performance sessions, wood pellet smokers are the perfect fit for them because they make it much more cost effective to produce grilled meat on a regular basis.

The most important choice when choosing to cook smoked meat is selecting which meat to go with. Most people usually go with beef, lamb or chicken. While beef and lamb could be considered as tastier and more wholesome by some, it’s best not to indulge in them too often, considering that they’re red meat. On the other hand, chicken is white meat. This makes it a considerably healthier option for tap dancers who plan on consuming grilled meat regularly.

Smokers for tap festival

Smokers are ideal kitchen appliances to provide the right grilled meals for participants, guests, audience, and fans. They come in different sizes to suit commercial purposes and domestic functions. The main advantage of smokers for events is portability and the ability for guests to have a firsthand feeling of preparation and cooking of the grilled meals. In rare cases, they sample different recipes for their own practice. Tap festival is an annual event recognized worldwide and attracts a diverse audience to build professional and social relationships; sample different cuisines and delicacies and more importantly entertainment revelers.

Apart from just the dance, every visitor must quench their thirst and have food to quench their hunger. There are different kinds of smokers you can use for this event depending on the following factors

The source of power

When the tap festival is held in a hall and there is a good supply of electricity, electric smokers will be the best option. It will be able to make grilled meals enough for everyone at the same time allow the caterers to enjoy the fun and activities the festivities have to offer. Why? All you need is to connect it to the electric socket, switch on, and set the right temperature then place your food. The timer will switch off automatically, and your meal is ready. When out in the jungle, alternative source of energy like wood smoker will be an easier option although it will deny you the freedom to watch other activities during the event.

The number of participants

Not all smokers are ideal for commercial purposes. Invest in a smoker for a tap festival designed for commercial use to avoid disappointments in form of breakages and malfunctioning because of overuse.

The taste of the audience

Tap festival attracts people from all occupations. When you have numerous smokers of different kinds you are sure you are able to make different smoked meat ready to meet the taste of every participant by making sure that you have the best smoker. It is substandard when a visitor comes to a tap festival and does not get anything to eat.

The budget

What is your budget for a grilled smoker as a tap festival organizer? Do not just buy a smoker, buy a kitchen appliance that will serve the purpose, otherwise you have an option of leasing out one that will suit you specifically for the tap festival.


Tap festival is an outdoor event, which requires a smoker, which is light in weight and can be portable within the event to serve the cooking purpose. A portable smoker should be easy to carry around and flexible in operation.

An event is not complete when you do not serve participants and guests with diverse recipes of grilled meats. It adds glamor and a sense of class to the event. It is even better when you use a professional chef to make grilled foods of international status. Tap festival attracts the old, the rich, professional, musicians, renowned sportsmen and women who understand the value of good grilled meals. Use state-of-the-art smoker to meet the demand of this caliber of people.





Using garment steamer for tap dancer’s uniform

Importance Of Attires

Attire means most to any performer as it helps convey what you intend to. You know what they say what you wear reflects who you are and that is why the president of USA wears expensive-looking suits whereas, a blue collar wears what he can afford. Pop dancers wear glittery looking gaudy clothes whereas, rock stars or metal bands mostly dress in darker shades especially black with hair dyed in blues, pinks or purple. They reflect who they are.

The same could be said for people you have seen dancing in “Billy Elliot” or “Chicago” or “The Artist”. Yes, we’re talking about tap-dancers here. You wouldn’t know it’s a dancer unless he or she  is dressed as a tap-dancer in a tap-dancer uniform. A tap dancer’s uniform comprises of the shoes with those heels that tap on the floor, to the suit or dress that you adorn your body with to enhance your performance. Believe it or not, clothes affect an artist’s performance and have an effect on the viewers who are watching that performance. Hence, how you dress matters too.

Garment Steamer: Every Tap-Dancer’s Need

Suppose, you’re a famous tap dancer and your next performance is about an hour away at one of the world’s most famous theaters. At the eleventh hour, it is realized that your uniform or dress is still not ironed, and you definitely cannot dress in those wrinkled clothes. Imagine the impact it would have on your audience. They probably didn’t pay to watch somebody tap against the jazz dressed up in wrinkles. And you obviously don’t want to make the morning paper’s headline.

Face it! Nobody likes wrinkles and that is why you direly need a garment steamer.

In the above-mentioned situation if you only had a garment steamer you would have easily dealt with the issue of wrinkles. However, you did not have a garment steamer at your disposal and so, you performed dressed in wrinkles. Throughout the performance, you got those bizarre looks from people that said you wasted out money(in-depth reviews here: www.bestgarmentsteamerreviews.net). But you learned from the bummer and bought a garment steamer. Next time you got late, you had a personal garment steamer and you used it to blow away the wrinkles within minutes. Not only were your audience happy you made a headline stating your awesomeness.

Besides, garment steamers are so much easier to use, you can even carry one. But you cannot carry an iron because to use an iron you need an iron board, however, a steamer doesn’t require an iron board, you can take the wrinkles out on a hangar. Also, garment steamers are gentle with delicate fabrics. All the more reason to buy a garment steamer.



Why Photographers Love to go to St. Louis Tap Festival

St. Louis tap festival is an annual event, which popularizes American dancing style –tap dance. It attracts participants from all walks of life. Photographers have a variety of snapshots to take since there are many activities within the event venue. Their various stakeholders in this festival, all these would want to have a reference image through the photograph albums. It attracts photographers of a different kind, some of the spectacular areas of interest for photographers include

Fashion photography

Different people make a date with the St. Louis tap festival. Fashion experts have a chance to come and view what the American culture has to offer on fashion. The fashion photographs capture different props for the dancers, adjudicators, and fans. They use the photographs to tailor them to suit their own objectives. The photographs widen their creativity levels to compete with local and international markets on fashion.

Food photography

Restaurants also have an opportunity to display their menu innovations at the festival. Remember, as much as it portrays the American dance culture it also attracts visitors from the global arena. They have to meet their food standards and international cuisines. At one point, they may have a special order and forced to make a meal, not in their menu plan. How will you have a memory of this special meal? A photograph of the meal is the best method in this festival. They can also capture what competition have to offer; this helps them improve and add value to their services. Because of different cultures represented, there is bound to be diverse dining styles. Restaurants, which offer international cuisine learn on cuisine skills and customize then to suit their market.

Dance photography

This is the main focus of the festival. Photographers want to capture different styles and moves using Canon T5i. The purpose of this is varied depending on the goal of the photographer. It could be an instructor who wants to add more dancing styles to his team or a choreographer who needs more skills to add value to what he already has.

Events photography

Event organizers are also here to display their skills in this festival. Other stakeholders in the business also come to see what competition has to offer. They capture display styles, color combinations, arena arrangement among other events activities.

Sport photography

Ping Pong has of late been associated with Tap festival. The vigorous exercises associated with the festival catches the attention of sports lovers. Sports photographers have a lot to get and learn, you cannot master all these moves, you either take a video or a photograph that has the high-resolution to help you learn then and incorporate them in your sport physical fitness activities.

Participants and fans take photos of any unique dance moves and activities of interest. The large crowd the festival attracts is a great challenge for photographers because of much interference. However, photographers have the skills and powerful cameras to capture the spectacular events and it offers a great for outdoor photography. Both novices and professional photographers have a lot to learn at the event.





Why ping pong players’ wants to join the tap festival

The popular American tap dance is becoming famous among table tennis players. The diplomatic relations between China and America was the origin of the interest in tap dance. When an American tennis player in 1971, was invited to Beijing China to witness the ping pong prominent in china. A return trip prompted the Chinese to have a joint festival to display different talents. Part of the performance the guest band became creative, brought a real tennis table on the podium, and played the music as they played. It turned out to be an amazing performance in as much as the players were not international players.
After this performance, international players were called to have a real performance with the players while the tap dance was going on it turned out to be amazing. Andy Akiho, an American composer noted the exemplary performance which incorporated unique musical concepts with relevant rhythm ideal for the intensive indoor sport.
After the performance between the musicians and the players, most table tennis players adopted tap dance during their training sessions. It achieved double results; one was the entertainment and enjoyment while practicing. Secondly, the vigorous dance exercise improved the energy levels, which translates to more stamina ideal in playing a game with success.

Team spirit

Once the players realized the love for tap dancing and learned of the annual festival. There has been a great interest in joining the festival. This is to help maintain the team spirit between the American and the Chinese who are popular for ping pong.
Giving back to the community
The players later learned the mission of the founder and the heritage institute established. They wanted to be part of the course to help the underprivileged through participation in the festival.


Tap festival has many festivities. During their free time, the ping pong players would love to have fun and mingle with the rest of the world in gracing the annual celebrations. The fun in the festival energizes them for their daily activities.
Replicate the dance in their native countries
Tap dance is becoming famous in the rest of the world. Players as celebrities love to attend the festival to help develop similar events in their own country to popularize the dance. This is a result of culture and diversity promotion. Entrepreneurs are using the same platform to make a kill in business as a result of human traffic in the event. The players are also creating a global presence in meeting at the festival with their fans to appreciate them.
Tap dance and ping pong complement each other. The sport is vigorous with plenty of body movements just like the dance for tap-dancing and smashing of a ball through great racket over a table for pingpong(table comparison). The players accommodated the dance freely since it had a good cause since its inception. Celebrities love to associate themselves with success, the tap festival has been a success over the last 25 years. Nobody including the prominent table tennis players might want to be associated with it.


St Louis Tap Festival preparation of the stage

Professor Reed founded St Louis tap festival in 1992. It lasts one week and educates, celebrates, promotes the American art form of tap dance. Famously known as acrobatic tap or master of flash, the festival is the only event in the region that has preserved the great legacy of tap dance. It brings the tap dancers and veterans of tap dance at St Louis to showcase their talents in the dance. Professor Reed, the founder, was part of the Robert L. Reed Heritage Institute that is a nonprofit making organization.

The Festival hosts artists, from Broadway and television, tap stars of movies, rising stars, old masters, and many tap dance styles from hardcore hip-hop and jazz.

People of different ages, genders and races are brought together to appreciate and share the joy that comes with a tap dance. The theme and mission of St Louis tap festival are to make other people develop interest and appreciation of the dance. It achieves this through panel discussions, workshops, lectures, performances, supporting up, and coming tap companies around the world.


The first step is learning how to dance. If you want to set the stage on fire, you will have to find a tap dance teacher. There are very many tap dance teachers around but how will you find the right one. One thing you should consider in the teacher is their energy and enthusiasm. Tap dance teachers are enthusiastic, fun, and energetic. Look for a tap class with an uplifting teacher. When you find such a teacher, you will enjoy every moment of your classes, and you will emerge as a great tap dancer.

You should also find a tap school with other pupils. The fact that tap dance attracts almost everyone from the young, old, fit, unfit, women, men, small and big makes it possible for you to find a school with pupils. Together with other pupils, you will be able to learn quickly and even develop tap moves.

Get registered for the stage performance

Attendees are given a chance to showcase their skills on stage, street corner and at the hoofers club. Before the festival, you can visit their website and register. There are also instructions that you will have to learn maybe through the panel of faculty or from the site. The stage is open to anyone to showcase his or her passion for tap dance.

Get your attires

Every top tap dancer has to have tap shoes to become good at it. This is because tap dancing is all about the toe-tapping world.

Finally, you should learn how to make some noise.  Tap dance is all about making noise. It makes you feel like a complete dancer and gives you psyche while on the stage. You can clap and cheer at your audience while dancing. Preparation is also a critical thing to do. It helps you gain confidence and master moves before the festival begins.

Preparation of the Stage

Stage is usually made out of wood. Tap dancing is much better if you hear the taps of the feet dancing on the wood. This stage has been made using equipment like Table Saw, Wood Lathe, and Floor Drill press. If you are not familiar with, see lathe comparison and learn what is the different between floor vs benchtop drill presses.

Things to remember when using a public Restroom in A Festival Event


The fact that a public bathroom is free for all, it poses a threat to human health. It compromises hygiene levels, at the same time, there could be an accumulation of bacteria as a result. At times, it is not easy to avoid using the bathroom since releasing oneself is part of human body functions. However, some of the bacteria might not survive in the restroom but the most environment favors their prolonged growth. The chance of having contact with the bacteria is very high, although correct restroom etiquette will save you.

A festival event attracts different calibers of people, for the safe and healthy use of the public restroom follows the following rules. Public toilets in a festival love to saving money on low flush toilets unlike getting the best toto toilet for your home.
Remember the bathroom walls is the best habitat for bacteria due to fewer disturbances. At times, the room is very small and people use the wall for support. This acts as a home for bacteria. The hands are the easiest bacteria transmitters. They are harmful when in contact with the blood stream. If you do not wash your hands, it is easy to touch your face with the hands.Avoid touching the bathroom walls

Use the first restroom

The restroom is a private room. Psychologists have proved most people tend to use the farthest stall as compared to the first one. Most of the times, the first one is a bit clean with fewer bacteria because of low human traffic.

Avoid contact with the floor

Carrying your handbag is a norm in the festival events; the floor is also a great habitat for bacteria. While helping yourself do not put your handbags or properties on the floor, they carry the bacteria, you will use your hand to carry the belongings which further transmits them to the mouth; that is the beginning of infection.

Wash your hands after using the restroom

Washing hands after using the restroom should be a habit more than etiquette. This helps remove bacteria that you might have unconsciously grasped in the process of using the restroom. Ensure you wash the entire using hand wash if it is available; it helps disinfect your hands. A hand sanitizer will also be of help in case you forgot to wash your hands. Keep them clean.  Some festival restrooms have a hand drier; the high temperature cannot allow the bacteria to thrive.

Limit contact with the restroom surfaces

At all cost avoid being in contact with the bathroom surfaces, they harbor bacteria. Some of the bacteria are harmful and can cause serious illnesses, which pose a threat to human health. Some are communicable like flu and their existence might affect the entire family just because of your carelessness in using the public restrooms. Always practice sanitation etiquette even at home for it to be a habit. With that in mind, using it in public restroom will not be a serious challenge. If the festival will take few hours; release your bladder at home, where you are sure of hygiene to avoid visiting the restrooms.